Ashes to Ashes or Dust to Dust?

While shopping in San Diego’s Hillcrest district, I happened upon these two gents, who offered a clever little mobile service for Ash Wednesday, which marks the first day of Lent and 40-day preparation/separation period before Easter. If you can’t go to church, the minister will come to you—not that I saw many takers, but plenty enough people asking to take photos (mean culpa).

I complemented the men, prefacing that I’m not Catholic. “Neither are we. We’re Episcopalians”. Synapses started to connect in my brain. They looked and talked very gay, the Episcopal church is extremely homosexual tolerant, and Hillcrest is known for being the city’s Gay community.

I got to wondering: What about someone, who opposes homosexuals in the clergy, can’t make it to church in time, but could get their, ah, “ashes go go” from this pair. Would they refuse on moral grounds or accept the ashes? You tell me.