The Ring Returns

Yesterday, I put on my wedding ring for the first time in 13 years. The saga starts in January 2004, in an incident described in missive: “Man on the Train“. I got poison ivy—in Winter, no less—after giving a homeless guy money while riding the DC Metro. That was the suspected scenario from my then doctor, now…

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The Overlook

Where Madison Ave. ends here in San Diego’s University Heights neighborhood, one can look down the canyon into Mission Valley and see the Pacific Ocean off in the distance. I captured the moment, while walking with my wife on April 14, 2017—once again using Fujifilm X100F, with Velvia film simulation set. Looks like everything was auto.…

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Katris Cali

Somewhere, several months ago, I came across Katris Blocks by Papercut Lab. We discussed their risked-impracticality for price paid—after all, cats are notoriously finicky, and truest folklore meme is their playing more with the box the toy came in. Finally, discussion led to purchase; on Feb. 6, 2017, I ordered from the seller, through Amazon,…

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