Bird Watching

I really am not obsessed with cats, contrary to impressions the last couple months of posts might suggest. I just needed a breather from tech writing and the stress caused by American politics—or better stated, the news media’s apocalyptic reporting. Besides, we share living space with two felines. Neko, the over-eating ginger, gets playtime in…

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Kuma’s House For Sale

Out the alley behind our apartment building and across Monroe is what the Wilcox clan calls “Kuma’s house”. When our Maine Coon was still with us, and the 1,300-square-foot Craftsman, built in 1917, was a foreclosure, he would go there to play and hunt in the side yard’s overgrown foliage. Our neighbor’s kitty Lou Lou died there…

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Caturday Centered

Time comes to revisit a couple of furballs from my “Cats of University Heights” series: Biscuit, Frenemy, and Slumber. As an unabashed amateur photographer, I tend to avoid putting the capture’s subject in the centerfield. But sometimes, there is no other choice or such placement pleases the eye—so I believe (gulp) about these two portraits. Both…

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