The Student

My wife’s birthday 2016 marks the 40th year since her high school graduation. The pic is from her yearbook. Photographer is unknown—by Anne or me, I love the composition, which is appropriately arty. Anne, age 17, stands in the New York Art Gallery appreciating a sculpture by Charles Ginnever. I am unable to identify the…

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Bump Art

Sometimes I am shocked to find myself out of touch with popular culture—and that’s a terrible admission living in Southern California, where pronounced body art can be seen everywhere. Yet, not until yesterday’s Flickr Blog post “Belly Paining” and link to small gallery of photos had I ever seen such a thing. Yeah, my wife…

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The Heroes Are Us

Tomorrow night begins my seventh sojourn to the greatest geekfest and pop-culture event on the planet. Imitator shows are everywhere this Century, but none commands character and class like the original. San Diego Comic-Con is an amazing amalgamation of hopes and aspirations—and the grandest storytelling—where, for four days and a Preview Night, tens of thousands of…

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