You Invite Me to Join WHAT?

Well, Hell, someone buy me girdle and a dress. High heels, too! It’s a magnanimous show of goodwill and gender nullification that the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals would want me—me, a male—to join their ranks. I am honored beyond words. Gander this magnificent invitation that plunked into my inbox: “I am pleased to inform you…

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Flickr a Day 339: ‘Faith’

In cinema, they talk of the “jump cut”, when scenes switch abruptly without segue between them. The photographic style of Jenny Downing cuts away elements that other shooters might include. What’s missing defines what is, as she selectively draws your attention. Consider self-titled “Filly“, “Footnote“, or “Postprandial“. There is intimacy to the close-cropping/composition. “With my…

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‘Really, Rupert?’ is the Right Question

Today, Rachel Whetstone, Google’s senior vice president of communications and policy, asks what has been on my mind since a stunning scoop set the Wall Street Journal against the Federal Trade Commission and the search and information giant. As I explained in an analysis of the news reporting, the story is flush with insinuation and veiled…

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