Classic Cat

One benefit living in sunny San Diego: We can leave a window open year around—rain, shine, or chill—for the cats. At the choice location, near the front door, is a red IKEA Lack table, from which the furballs look out into the apartment complex courtyard, where birds chirp and fly about. During siesta time, Cali…

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Bird Watching

I really am not obsessed with cats, contrary to impressions the last couple months of posts might suggest. I just needed a breather from tech writing and the stress caused by American politics—or better stated, the news media’s apocalyptic reporting. Besides, we share living space with two felines. Neko, the over-eating ginger, gets playtime in…

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Caturday Centered

Time comes to revisit a couple of furballs from my “Cats of University Heights” series: Biscuit, Frenemy, and Slumber. As an unabashed amateur photographer, I tend to avoid putting the capture’s subject in the centerfield. But sometimes, there is no other choice or such placement pleases the eye—so I believe (gulp) about these two portraits. Both…

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