After the Rain

In nearly 10 years living in San Diego, I have not seen such lush, inviting foliage as visible this Winter—or what I call late Summer (the other two seasons are early Summer and mid Summer). Typical yearly rainfall is 25 cm (9.9 inches). Through yesterday’s massive storm, totals exceeded that amount, or more than 150…

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Mind Mother Teresa

Who says iPhone isn’t inspirational, or aspirational? I shot this portrait of my daughter’s iPhone 5 on June 27, 2013, to accompany its Craigslist posting. If I rightly recall, we changed cellular carriers, promoting upgrades and sale of the older devices. Normally, the smartphones are wiped before photoshoots, but her home screen made me smile—and…

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Missing Kuma

Five years ago, Jan. 15, 2012—also a Sunday—our Maine Coon, Kuma, glanced up at me quizzicality before shimmying under the back gate and into oblivion. We never met eyes again. I still feel guilty about his loss. The cat and I had developed a bond of trust, which I betrayed by letting him out at…

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