Toidy Bowl Packing

They say that kids do the darnest things or that kids growing up with newfangled technology take to it differently than do adults. These two pictures are evidence of both.

Looks like a toilet boil, doesn’t it? Turns out this Styrofoam wonder is from a first-generation, flat-panel iMac box. Flip the toidy boil over and it fits over the iMac’s lamp-like base. I must have no imagination, because I had unpacked a couple iMacs without seeing the resemblance, flipped over, of course. 

iMac Toilet 2

Few weeks back, I let my daughter and her best friend take over my dusty, basement office. The girls turned it into a house for stuffed animals. In their imagination this iMac packing made one nice toilet. Laugh? You don’t have to ask.

Notice how I resisted going on about Apple’s trendsetting design skills? Apple deserves better, unless this is some designer’s idea of a joke. If so, it’s a good one.