New TV Commercial Tuesday

Now that Apple has a store selling videos, I’m wondering if there should be some other content for download. I’m thinking TV commercials. There are certainly some TV ads that are fun to watch and worth downloading, and TV commercials would serve up even more content people might want to watch on their video-enabled iPods.

Maybe Apple could charge. I have to admit that there are some ads so entertaining I would pay 49 cents for them. C`mon, what’s two bits? Apple could even collect revenue at both ends, from advertisers and consumers. Commercials can be entertainment, too. There are plenty of old ads people might fondly remember and want to have. But Apple would have to collect all the best from around the globe in one place.

Like music videos, there are plenty of places to stream TV commercials. If people will pay for TV shows and music videos, why not commercials? Gasp, think about new TV commercial Tuesday.

Photo Credit: Rick Wagner