Labor Day Parade 2006

This morning, Kensington, Md., held its annual Labor Day parade, which was my first real-world test of the Nikon D200. I love the camera, but some kinks remain.

I snapped 380 pictures, on 4GB and 2GB memory cards. I chucked 110 pictures; many images were blurry. I’m finding that Program mode consistently favors ISO over shutter speed, even when set to Auto ISO. The best shots came later in the parade, when the sun shone and I switched to Shutter Priority at 1/500 sec. 

There are many odd crops among the photos in my Labor Day parade photo gallery. For the first half hour of the event, the parade route was back to the sun, which too often foiled the exposure on the D200 and my wife’s Canon S500. But, overall, I’m happier with this year’s gallery than the 2005 gallery, for which I used a Canon 20D and 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.

Like last year, I posted the photos with the local community in mind. So the gallery contains more than just my best shots. Duplicity is intentional, so that local folks have more pictures to pick from.

Editor’s Note: On July 28, 2017, this post was recovered, using Wayback Machine, from a snapshot of during 2006, when months of content was lost during blogging system and webhost changes. Date and timestamps are authentic.