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If Ovi Store was as Good as This Video About It…


Nokia would have kicked Apple’s ass long ago.


  1. Joe, this video is really cool, not so much because of Nokia but the style and music fits very nicely together – and if you don’t currently own a Nokia you might even think that the OVI store has something to offer. haha. 😀

    It’s a cool video. Did you see the safety belt commercial? It’s very different from this one but still extremely well done and shot using high speed cameras and a baffling 90000w light..

    1. OMG! What an incredibly moving video. Thanks for sharing that. Incredible.

      So do you own a Nokia?

      Also do you have any advice for anyone considering either of the new Sigma compacts versus, say, Olympus and Panasonic micro four-thirds cameras or the Leica X1. 🙂

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