Cali Wonders

Our Tortoiseshell cat watches my wife cook breakfast today. Can you say bacon? The kitty sits where little Lou Lou did after our big Maine Coon Kuma disappeared three years ago on Thursday. The neighbor’s cat missed our lost boy and came in our apartment looking for him. Tragedy found her, too: A car ran down and killed Lou Lou in April 2013.

Cali reminds me of the diminutive black cat, in size and character. Fearsome and friendly best describe both. They could be kindreds.

I shot the photo of Lou Lou (please click either of the two links) using the Galaxy Nexus smartphone and boosted saturation and contrast in post-production. Cali’s portrait is straight from the Fujifilm X100T—the unedited JPEG. I shot several pics at different f stops; the f/4 offers most pleasing bokeh and composition, including the cat’s expression. The X100T is a joy to use, and the image quality, while sometimes soft for my tastes, is excellent.