Flickr a Day 20: The Sitters

I found Greta Ceresini while searching for an image to illustrate “The Old Man“, one of my short stories, which posted eight days ago. Taken in Perugia, Italy (she lives in Piacenza), today’s selection sets great subject contrast—the sitters high and low. The woman texts, while the man listens to music. But wait! The photographer casts the upper subject black and white in a companion, solo pic.

Greta’s street photography style is evocative, and some of her best pics follow similar artistic style: Shooting from darker space, such as an indoor window or under an archway, out to a brighter scene. She captured the above photo on April 26, 2013, using the Canon EOS 50D and 17-70mm lens. Vitals: f/10, ISO 500, 1/250 sec, 23mm.

Photo Credit: Greta Ceresini