Flickr a Day 67: ‘Dresden Symphony’

The silhouette strongly describes the street photography of Stefano Corso, but something more. The “peculiar point of view always has a certain surreal, oniric quality, properly balanced by the irony of the pictures’ titles. Selected images emphasize the feeling of incumbent vital spaces, where men are found wandering like lost, lonely shadows”, according to his About page.

Based in Berlin and Rome, and he is Italian, Stefano shot self-titled “Dresden Symphony” using Canon EOS 5D Mark II. More details are not available, and the photo almost didn’t make the cut; resolution of the Creative Commons image falls below this series’ typical standard (higher res is available but costs).

The image is characteristic of his style. Stefano says his “work is influenced by classic street photographers such as Elliot Erwitt, Robert Doisneau, and by Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska“. He joined Flickr in March 2005. You see more of his photos, buy prints, or learn about arts association 42mm, which Stefano cofounded, at his website.

Photo Credit: Stefano Corso