Flickr a Day 129: ‘Fire!’

The best street photography, and also photojournalism, is about opportunity and seizing the moment. That’s what Ville Miettinen did on Oct. 13, 2007. “Some thick rubber mats caught fire in the building next door to my home, and in minutes the street was filled with a dark smoke”, he says. “Before evacuating I took some shots of the action on the street; Helsinki”.

Ville, who lives in the Finnish city, used Nikon D200 to capture self-titled “Fire!” Vitals: f/5.3, ISO 800, 1/250 sec, 112mm. His photostream, while no longer current, is rife with opportunistic perspectives. He remains active on Facebook and Twitter, but the treasure trove is Flickr, which he joined in December 2005. Professionally, he is cofounder and CEO of startup Microtask, specializing in archival data extraction.

Photo Credit: Ville Miettinen