Coachella 2016 Presales Success

My daughter can attend Coachella for the third time, but Weekend Two. I snagged Weekend One tickets for this year and last but not next. Pass presales for the 2016 music festival commenced at 11 AM PDT today. The advantage of buying now is making monthly payments rather than one sum up front.

Timing and luck make the difference securing any pass, particularly the earlier (April 15-17). Last round, I got in three minutes before official start time. Ironically, or not, at 10:57 the Coachella app on my Nexus 6 popped up a notification that sales had started. But every time I clicked the purchase button for Weekend One, Coachella redirected to the sales start at 11 page. 

After more than 5 minutes of failed attempts, I clicked the button for Weekend Two (April 22-24), which led to the CAPTCHA verification then to the standby page. I had Coachella’s site open in another browser tab and clicked the first weekend again. I breezed through to the standby page with no additional verification but warning: “You will likely not be directed to the purchase page prior to sell out”. The page is still open, without warning that passes are gone.

But a bird in the hand is better than none, as they say. Around 11:30, the Weekend Two sales page opened, so I purchased what was available rather than wait.

Some trivia about the “Sign of Horns” in the photo. Band Coven, spirited by lead singer Jinx Dawson, introduced the hand gesture to pop rock culture around 1969.

Update: Ha! One minute after I posted, Coachella presented page for Weekend One sales. I have always wanted to go to the music fest myself. Buying was trying. Tickets shifted from available to not until, finally, at 1 PM, I snagged a tix with shuttle pass for Weekend One. I did check with my daughter before buying. “I’ve heard Weekend Two is better anyway”, she says.

Photo Credit: Thomas Haek