Flickr a Day 180: ‘Strolling in Venice’

Someone please explain how we come to yet another photographer whose first name is Stefano (see Days 24, 67, and 68 for the others). “Photography for me is about escaping from my technical mind and exploring the creative side”, Mr. Montagner says. “I enjoy capturing those expressions and images that will bring me back again to remember the moment. Every picture tells a story and that’s what I love in photography”. The best flavor of the moments and stories is his delightful photoblog: “The Life Around Me“.

Stefano shot self-titled “Strolling in Venice” on April 12, 2015, using the Olympus E-M5 and Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 lens. Vitals: f/1.4, ISO 200, 1/640 sec. His street photography is magnificent, particularly the portraits, making a single choice difficult. I picked the pic for the ambience, color and hue, and painting-like quality. He joined Flickr in June 2007.

Photo Credit: Stefano Montagner