‘Wild’ and ‘Wonderful’

It’s funny the people you see, and also recognize, in movies. I am watching “Wild”, starring Reese Witherspoon and see the guy with the glasses. He looks like Art Alexakis, lead singer for Everclear. I search IMDB. He is! Playing a tattoo artist.

YouTube wasn’t always with us, even though too few people remember, or care to remember, life before the service or others like it. But I recall the misery days, when watching music videos for Everclear songs like “Wonderful” was damn difficult. Capitol Records hosted a site with Hollywood and Vine in the name that offered some of the band’s vids—around the time YouTube opened to the public, in November 2005, but before Google bought the service the following year.

There was little wonderful watching online videos a decade ago or longer. It was still the wild, wild web.