You Invite Me to Join WHAT?

Well, Hell, someone buy me girdle and a dress. High heels, too! It’s a magnanimous show of goodwill and gender nullification that the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals would want me—me, a male—to join their ranks. I am honored beyond words.

Gander this magnificent invitation that plunked into my inbox: “I am pleased to inform you that based on your professional background, you have been selected for inclusion into the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals”. Why not? Everyone knows that Joe is a boy’s name. I’ve always shown such empathy and sensitivity to women—ask my three sisters, whom I teased incessantly growing up!

“Our research department nominates a handful of potential candidates based on factors such as your current professional standing, recent accomplishments, honors/awards, published articles, as well as information present on authoritative media outlets, networks, and professional directories”, the invitation continues, from Patricia Stanton, who is managing director of member selection. I feel so important. “Based on this, I feel that you would make a fitting addition to our elite network of professional women”.

Where do I sign?

Photo Credit: Lili Vieira de Carvalho

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on Frak That!