Flickr a Week 40: ‘Self, with Super-23’

A search for “bokeh” brought me to a closeup of the Nikkor 50mm f/4 AI attached to the Nikon EM by Diego Sevilla Ruiz, who coincidentally appeared in my 2015 series with “A Perfect Day In Lisbon“. He returns with self-titled “Self, with Super-23“, which he captured on April 17, 2008; I prefer the  portrait to the shot that returned me to his Photostream—for atmosphere, bokeh, color, composition, eye-pleasing grain, and nostalgia.

Diego says of the equipment: “Mamiya Press Super-23—as you can see—Sekor 90mm f/3.5 + 6×9 back + Kodak 400VC-2. The camera is a vintage, medium-format rangefinder. Vitals: f/3.5, ISO 400, 90mm. The self-described “computer science teacher at the University of Murcia, Spain” joined Flickr in January 2005. But he hasn’t been active for more than two years.

Photo Credit: Diego Sevilla Ruiz