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Flickr a Day 186: ‘Sitting on a Bench’

As an American, even one who is unusually informed, my understanding of the crisis in Greece is shallow at best. But I grasp enough to know that today’s historic referendum could fundamentally change the country’s role in the Euro zone or even topple the government. Yesterday, I spent several hours looking for the right image to represent the vote, finally giving up.

The Day goes to self-titled “Sitting on a Bench”, which Spyros Papaspyropoulos shot in Crete on March 4, 2013, using the Sony NEX-6 and E 35mm F1.8 OSS lens. Vitals: f/1.8, ISO 100, 1/1250 sec, 35mm. In 2015, he shoots with the Ricoh GR and Fujifilm X-Pro1. 

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Flickr a Day 182: ‘Tongue and Street’

We begin the second half of the year with a treat—two, really; shot and shooter. San Diego, Calif.-based Wayne S. Grazio is a former Navy photographer; post-military career “volunteering for worldwide non-profit imaging assignments”. He explains: “I freelance as a hobby and occasionally take on client’s assignments and imaging projects for volunteer organizations”. His art extends behind the camera: He has a “passion for digital manipulation and learning advanced techniques in Photoshop, Lightroom, and third party plug-ins”.

Wayne shot self-titled “Tongue and Street” on June 12, 2015, using the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS. The compact’s built-in lens packs whopping 4.3-215mm focal range, which benefits he maximizes in his travels. Vitals: f/4, ISO 400, 1/250 sec, 4.3mm. Yes, he shot this one wide. 

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Flickr a Day 159: ‘Fruit Stand around Gulou’

Although self-titled “Tiger the Dog” appealed to be selected, cuteness could not prevail over composition and color. “Fruit Stand around Gulou” takes the Day, also for lighting and being interestingJens Schott Knudsen captured the moment on Nov. 8, 2014, using the Sony Alpha ILCE-7R, a magnificent full-frame mirrorless compact that is primped for street photography. Vitals: ISO 1600, 1/160 sec. He may have used a manual lens, which would explain why f-stop and focal length were not measured.

Jens lives Beijing, China, which is where he captured today’s selection, but he is from Haderslev, Denmark. For a real treat, and to get some insight about his photographic heritage, click through to his November 2013 blog post “50 years Ago“. 

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Flickr a Day 156: ‘Street Lads’

Some pics jump from the photostream and demand to be chosen, as is the case with today’s selection. Simon Evans shot self-titled “Street Lads” on Sept. 20, 2014—around the time that he started blogging—using Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8 lens. Vitals: f/5.6, ISO 800, 1/450 sec, 27mm.

The pancake lens makes the Fuji mirrorless camera a relatively smaller shooter—well, compared to bulky dSLRs—while offering dramatic benefits of hybrid optical and digital viewfinder. Motion more typically describes Simon’s street shots. The Day Maker is rare exception. “This is what happens when you give in and ‘spare a bit of change'”, he jokes.