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Blizzard 2016 Weather Voyeurs

I grew up with snow. Hometown Caribou, Maine, typically ranks in the top five cities for annual average accumulation—280 centimeters (110 inches); ranked No. 4 for winter 2015. However, I spent most of my adult life in the Washington, D.C. metro area, where snow is nowhere as frequent but where whiteouts or ice-rages can be more severe. My wife and I are weather voyeurs observing the blizzard blasting the District this weekend. Washington is more home than San Diego, where we live to assist my 94 year-old father-in-law. The blizzard and memory of past storms there beckon me.

Anne has followed the storm online, posting to Facebook this morning a delightful video of panda play at snow-covered National Zoo. She also watched CNN, which coverage is sensational and sporadic. We needed something more like home, so I switched HDMI ports to Roku Stick, started the NewsOn app, and watched the live feed from WUSA. What a treat! 

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Flickr a Day 49: ‘Happy Snow Year’

Today’s selection is the first of three found searching Flickr for “happy”. Winter weather is a constant across much of the northern and eastern parts of the United States and Canada—although days are unseasonably warm here in San Diego. For those of you sick of snow, delight even if briefly in this magnificent portrait.

John Britt joined Flickr in September 2008, and he primarily shoots nature. His experimental, photo techniques, particularly the most recent work, is fun—and educational. He communicates about what he did to capture the image and why. 

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Snow pelted Washington overnight. For once, the forecasters hit the mark. On Friday, the National Weather Service issued a storm warning from 6:00 Saturday to 6:00 Sunday, with projected snow fall between about 10-20 centimeters. By Saturday morning, the the weather service pushed the warning back to Noon and increased snowfall projections to about 15.5-30.5 centimeters.

I blew off the storm’s significance. At 1:00 early Sunday, accumulations on my back porch barely topped 2 centimeters. The situation dramatically changed in the four-and-a-half hours that followed. By 5:30, according to the measure of accumulation on my back porch, the storm dropped 28 centimeters of snow.