Mama Knows Where to Get the Goods

What a simply smart idea—set up outside the grocery store and collect food donations for the needy. September 5, 2010, I spotted Mama’s Pantry in front of Ralph’s supermarket in San Diego, Calif.’s Hillcrest neighborhood. on. The concept of fundraising food shoppers is so mind-boggling sensible, it’s stunning more charities don’t go to the food source—the local market. I see three major benefits:

  • It’s easy for people to donate. They see fundraisers when going in and bring something to them going out.
  • Donated food is higher quality, which is better for needy folks receiving it. Instead of people donating leftovers, they give something fresh, not forgotten.
  • Donations are more thoughtfully given, since shoppers make a choice inside the store about what to give. If this makes them feel good about giving, they may be more likely to do so again.

I liked the idea so much, Mama got my food donation on the way out of the supermarket.

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