‘Engineers are Retarded’

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To Apple purists, documentary “Welcome to Macintosh” is surely nothing new. But to little `ol Joe, flipping channels on a Friday night, the documentary was a surprise airing on CNBC. By far, former Apple development engineer Jim Reekes gave the most acerbic commentary about the company—not so much what he said but how he said it.Example:

Engineers are retarded. They have some kind of brain damage that allows them to not have social skills so that they can concentrate long enough to write code. But it’s a disease. That’s why I had to quit. I mean, I’m like an engineer in recovery. I’m, you know, I don’t want to write code anymore. It just makes you retarded. I mean, get a girlfriend. Get a life.

Jim zings the Mac faithful, too:

There is definitely a fanatical  zealotry of Mac people. You know, um, it’s not a religion. It’s (rolling his eyes upwards) a computer. I got a lawnmower, too, but I don’t sit around talking about it. You know. Yeah—so I cut my grass. Whatever. You know. I type a Word document. It’s a screwdriver, or it’s a blender…I’m not really in love with my Mac. I like a good movie more than I like a good Mac. You know. I like good beverages more than my computer.

If only current Apple employees showed such candor.

3 thoughts on “‘Engineers are Retarded’

  1. your failed attempt at humor really bugs me. using the word retarded is just wrong. it’s demeaning to people with special needs. guess you know nothing.

    1. Normally, I wouldn’t have approved your comment, but I did so out of concern other people might make your mistake, Mike. “Retarded” is not “demeaning to people with special needs.” You mean “retard” as being demeaning. A close relative of mine is special needs, so I’m not insensitive. Using retard is like shouting nigger. Most people find it offensive. However, unlike the N word, the verb “retard” is usually inoffensive.

      According to the dictionary installed on my Mac, retarded means “less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age.” Jim Reekes ruefully bemoans his profession, and the video gives context as to why.

      Relax, Mike. If I meant to demean “people with special needs,” they would be the topic, which they are not here and unlikely ever to be on this blog.

  2. I found this from the search “are engineers retarded?” Can’t make this stuff up. It helped shed light on someone who does the dumbest things socially where you’re like “is he slow??” But I know he has to be smart to be an engineer. I appreciated the insight here lol.

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