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Falcon Flies Into Space

So-o-o-o, tonight, I sit at my desk participating in a meeting over Zoom, with 15 other people, and suddenly startle looking out my office window. A rocket rises upwards in the Western sky from Vandenberg Space Force Base, and I so want to be outside with camera in hand.

Two problems: I can’t politely leave, and the thing rises really fast; this isn’t like the slower-moving Alpha that I watched in September 2023. I rudely turn off video, pull out Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, snap shots (three total), and resume video. The Featured Image is best of the trio.

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Harvest Moon

Clouds dominate the sky on this fine Friday evening. But they briefly parted from the full moon as I walked along Monroe Avenue in my San Diego neighborhood of University Heights. Out came Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, set to 10x optical zoom for the Featured Image.

Noisy? Yes. Not sharp? Yep. But there is detail enough, considering this was a quick point-and-click shot. What matters more—to me, anyway—is character, meaning mood.

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Flickr a Day 80: ‘Solar Eclipse’

Earth, Moon, and Sun ushered in the Spring Equinox with a real treat yesterday: A solar eclipse—total off the coasts of Greenland and Scotland, cutting a broad partial path across Northern Europe to areas of Asia and Africa. The Guardian’s primer is must-read, for a quick study of the science and explanation about this specific, rare astronomical event.

Today’s selection, showing near-totality as seen from Bodø, Norway, is bit of a compromise. The image doesn’t demonstrate the best work of photographer Trond Kristiansen, whose Northern landscapes are stark but magnificent. There’s an other-worldliness to them. The posted pic’s resolution is lower than typically appears in this series, which is another compromise.