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Flickr a Day 84: ‘Land 450’

How often do you see such a fine shot of a classic camera, and with X-Files mystery mixed in? Is that a UFO in the Polaroid snapshot? I surely can’t identify the thing. Beautiful bokeh, sharp detail at the focus point, and instacam subject, compelled me to choose today’s selection shot by Wen Zeng, who studies mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Her hometown is Los Angeles suburb South Pasadena.

“I generally shoot with a Fuji X100, my cell phone (Moto X), or a Canon 6D”, she says. “On occasion I will shoot with an Olympus XA, Olympus Xa3, Pentax ME, Rolleicord, Olympus Trip 35, or a Polaroid OneStep. Did I mention I have a bit of a problem with film cameras?” Does she ever have a problem, which you can see at her photo website, Instagram, or blog. She develops any film she shoots.