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The Cats of University Heights: Fess

My favorite neighborhood cat is an old-timer. Fess (his real name) is at least 12 years-old (that’s how long he has been with his owners). At one time, the Tom Cat roamed a wide territory around Cleveland Ave. and parallel street Maryland. In his youth, he was known to scale fences to poach from other animals’ food dishes.

Now he stays fairly close to home. I often see him, in the driveway of the apartment where he lives, waiting for the master to come home. The gent drives a pick-up truck, and Fess jumps up into the cab when the door opens.

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Moto X Developer Edition is Amazing

HTC One is by far the best smartphone I have ever owned. Yet, mine went on Craigslist yesterday and to a mechanic a few hours later; he responded to the listing. Then I paid off the remainder owed to T-Mobile.

Why? After saying I wouldn’t, I bought Moto X Developer Edition. In terms of customer experience, the phone and everything else that goes with it, Moto X is light years ahead of any other mobile to come into my possession—that’s a whole lot of phones over the years. iPhone doesn’t come close. 

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Pixel Me Perfect

For most of July, I used a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and iPhone 5, abandoning Chromebook Pixel and HTC One during the last few days of June. I’m moving away from writing principally for the web to ebooks, following the advice authors Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch give in APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How To Publish a Book. I chose these tools based on recommendations they, and other writers, made. Also, my Apple boycott ended in January. I’m not anti-Apple.

There are many things I like about MacBook Pro, which screen resolution is comparably high to Chromebook Pixel: Audio fidelity of streamed music is punchier, my Sony MDR-1RBT Bluetooth headphones work, battery life is longer and Chrome tabs don’t idle and force refresh (the 8MB memory makes a difference). There is the promise of better digital content manipulation, like photos or properly formatting ebooks for submission to major ebook stores.