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Google Tightens the Noose

Over at BetaNews, I’ve repeatedly cautioned about Google’s increasing cross-integration of products and interdependence among them. Now come tighter ties between Google+ and Gmail. As Selena Larson observes, for ReadWrite: “Google+ is Getting Harder and Harder to Avoid“.

But I wonder. URL to the story reveals a better, and perhaps, the original headline: “Google Plus is Inescapable”. As editor, that is exactly the headline I would have used. It’s punchier, more clickable, and better fits the story’s tone.

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Google Be Gone?

This weekend, I started then stopped booting Google from my computing life. I like Google products and services, but worry about the company’s potential abuse of power.

On Thursday, on my work blog, I wrote about “The Google Problem” Google’s increasing search and online advertising dominance greatly disturbs. Situation might be less worrisome if Google wasn’t so damn secretive. The company controls large trolls of information, while keeping its own disclosure to a minimum.