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Flickr a Day 213: ‘Cecil’

There are few events to take the Internet’s attention hostage like this week’s outrage over the death of a 13 year-old Zimbabwean lion. Vince O’Sullivan photographed the proud animal one year ago today—Aug. 1, 2014. He updated the caption to add context better coming from him than me.

“This is, of course, ‘Cecil’—the lion famously shot and wounded by crossbow fired by American dentist Walter Palmer in July 2015 and then shot, killed, skinned, and beheaded for trophies two days later”, Vince explains. “Living in a nature reserve, Cecil was completely inured to people in vehicles that didn’t interfere with him or his prey. So approaching him closely was never difficult, a daily occurrence for him and something he paid no attention to”. 

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Flickr a Day 153: ‘Birkenhead Lake View’

Travel photographer James Wheeler takes the Day with an evocative, wish-you-were-there view captured on May 17, 2015, using Nikon D600 and 17-35mm f/4 lens. Vitals: f/11, ISO 100, .5 sec, 17mm. I picked the pic mainly for composition and color; the red canoe to the left set against the lake looker to the right makes the shot—without even considering the majestic mountains framing the foreground.

James describes self-titled “Birkenhead Lake View”, visited over the “Victoria Day long weekend” (ended May 18 in 2015 and on the 23rd in 2016). “It is a bit far from Vancouver but is an amazing place to go camping for a long weekend. We had relatively good weather for May and will definitely go back next year”.