Flickr a Day 276: ‘My Kingdom Band Promo 1’

Music photographer Chris Romano captures emotion and vigor in his live performance shots. But his band promos are irresistibly charismatic. He shot self-titled “My Kingdom Band Promo 1” on Nov. 7, 2014, using Nikon D600 and 24-70mm f/2.8. The “melodic hardcore” group is from Long Island, New York.

Editing stripped vitals from the EXIF. But Chris explains about the “strobist: Beauty Dish w/ grid up slightly above camera left with monolight @ 1/4 power; one monolight each side behind for rim a FP; flagged a bit around flash to prevent spill on background; one small speedlight at 1/4 power boomed above table to add slight fill to cards/objects on table”.

I nearly chose the companion capture, which is more dramatic but doesn’t show as much character. From Selden, New York, where he still lives, Chris joined Flickr in February 2009. His website, with mote photos and blog entries explaining the artists, events, and venues, is the happening.

Photo Credit: Chris Romano