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Bye, Bye, Network Solutions

Yesterday, I initiated four transfers that formally end my customer relationship with Network Solutions. When the process completes, all my domains will be with GoDaddy. The end is long-time coming. I registered my first domain, editors.com, with what was then InterNIC, managed by the U.S. company, in August 1995 (I regrettably, in retrospect, sold the web address a decade ago).

Customer service and costs are main reasons for the registrar change, which is quite the turnabout. Three years ago, on December 29, I joined the “Dump Go Daddy Day” bandwagon, moving my domains to NetSol for affordable $6.99 each plus $6 private registration. Now I am absolved of my original registrar. 

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Network Solution’s Auto-renew Scam

A year ago when everyone dumped GoDaddy I transferred all my domains to Network Solutions—for each, $6.99 plus $6 private registration. At the time, I confirmed that, like GoDaddy, I could batch renew and get a big discount.

Something strange happened in the last 48 hours; there are unexpected charges, from Netsol, on two credit cards: $37.99 and $107.99, and I can make no sense of them from Domain Manager.