Network Solution’s Auto-renew Scam

A year ago when everyone dumped GoDaddy I transferred all my domains to Network Solutions—for each, $6.99 plus $6 private registration. At the time, I confirmed that, like GoDaddy, I could batch renew and get a big discount.

Something strange happened in the last 48 hours; there are unexpected charges, from Netsol, on two credit cards: $37.99 and $107.99, and I can make no sense of them from Domain Manager.

So I call premier support and find out from the customer rep that:

1. Netsol has charged me $37.99 each for three renewals and $15.99 for two private registrations.

2. In response to my question “Why, they expire end of December?”, I’m told that auto-renew bills 60 days in advance. (GoDaddy bills on renewal date).

3. Only billing can refund my money, and I’m not allowed to speak to anyone there. The rep must make a request on my behalf.

4. Refund will cancel the domains, even though I’m paid up for another two months. Ditto for private registration.

5. There is no reduced renewal rate. I must pay $37.99. (That’s not going to happen to any other domains; my business goes elsewhere first. I transferred in each for $12.99 for the year and would never think of renewing at $53.98 with private registration. Outrageous!)

6. Customers can no longer turn off auto-renewal (I’m told after trying and in Domain manager seeing a message to call Netsol in to turn off feature). The rep claims the registratr instituted the change six months ago because of people losing their domains.

To say I’m an unhappy customer is understatement. Perhaps I got a bad customer rep, and someone else could have fixed the problem. For sure, I’ll move my domains if necessary.

Is anyone out there familiar with Network Solutions charges, options and discounts? Everything about this—$37.99 renewal, auto-renew 60 days prior to expiration and locked on auto-renew—stinks of price gouging. That’s enough to pull my business and to regret ever moving it from GoDaddy.

Something else: The charges came without warning. Network Solutions sent no email of impending renewal fees or receipt for billing me. GoDaddy always did.

Suggestions anyone? I don’t seek to churn up a Network Solutions hate discussion but resolve the situation, either keeping my domains where they are for about the cost paid moving them in or transferring them elsewhere. Your assistance is hugely appreciated.

Update: Netsol charged expired credit cards. WTH?

I called back and new rep said I had been misinformed. He submitted refund request—$22 for each domain and $8 per private reg. Pricey but acceptable for today. The future? No way!