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Windows 7 Social Media Edition

The most surprising thing about today’s Windows 7 pricing announcement isn’t the pricing, but how Microsoft directly delivered news about it. While Microsoft issued a press release, the most substantive information comes from the Windows Blog, which the release links to. For anyone still clinging to the fantasy that there is some magical separation between Microsoft public relations teams and its bloggers, wake up! There really is none.

Perhaps there shouldn’t be, and that should concern Microsoft’s outside public relations agencies and what their future role will be. People naturally are more interested in other people and what they have to say. Surely a blogger, an identifiable human being, with posted picture and personality, is more believable and memorable than a germane press release.

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Answering the Snow Leopard-Windows 7 Question

Yesterday, someone asked me if “Apple has got a realistic chance with Snow Leopard?” competing against Windows 7. He was particularly interested in Macintosh uptake in the enterprise. I gave him my answer, which I will blog here with additional analysis.

My answer to his question is “No.” Snow Leopard won’t convert many more businesses to the Mac, particularly with Windows 7 launching three to six weeks later and likely appearing on new PCs before Apple’s new operating system ships. Later this year, Microsoft and its partners will cover the planet in Windows 7 marketing, which will help further marginalize Mac sales. I’ll further explain my reasoning.

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Apple's Day of Wall Street Heart Attacks

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2009 keynote was the strangest ever—and not just for CEO Steve Jobs’ absence. Apple cut prices where unexpected, while keeping them high where Wall Street analysts expected cuts. The $29 Snow Leopard upgrade is simply stunning.

Everyone should ask: Why Apple is asking so little for seemingly so much? That from a company that normally charges more for products.

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Quick Quotes: WWDC 2009 Edition

Editor’s Note, March 29, 2010: For about six weeks during summer 2009, and following my April 30 layoff from eWEEK, I put out my shingle as an independent analyst. I had worked as an analyst for JupiterResearch from 2003 to 2006. But the role just didn’t feel right, particularly given the economy. This post represents a feature of “quotes” for journalists to use in their stories.

This second installment of Quick Quotes focuses on Apple’s announcements from the Worldwide Developer Conference.