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So Much for a ‘Classical Education’

I wanted to attend St. John’s College in Annapolis, Md., after graduating high school. But my admission application was rejected, and attendance costs would have been too high, regardless. But I tried. Mine is a “don’t give up” attitude, until there is no other choice. The school specializes in a classical education in the truest sense: Learning from and thinking like dead Greeks or Renaissance-era Europeans, among others.

“Through close engagement with the works of some of the world’s greatest writers and thinkers—from Homer, Plato, and Euclid to Nietzsche, Einstein, and Woolf—students at St. John’s College grapple with fundamental questions that confront us as human beings”, the school’s website explains. “As they participate in lively discussions and throw themselves into the activity of translating, writing, demonstrating, conducting experiments, and analyzing musical compositions, St. John’s students learn to speak articulately, read attentively, reason effectively, and think creatively”.

Maybe attending the school would have prevented thinking myself so clever today—only to be rightly, and smartly, corrected later on. Live and learn, eh? 

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Google Spiffs Up Search with Chrome

Now how did I miss this earlier—or is it new? While comparing Bing and Google search, I came across something surprising. Google is more aggressively hawking Chrome with search. Will Chrome’s shine blind trustbusters?

Does anyone else remember how Microsoft got in trouble with the U.S. Justice Department for bundling Internet Explorer with Windows? The DOJ accused Microsoft of trying to leverage its monopoly in desktop operating systems into the browser market. Hell, Microsoft is still paying for this behavior. The European Union is soon expected to impose sanctions, and possibly another big fine, for browser bundling.

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Too Much Safari 3.1 Nonsense

My Tuesday Microsoft Watch post, “Apple’s Windows Invasion” stirred up ridiculous controversy this week. I simply don’t understand the fuss. OK, so Apple Software Update offers up Safari 3.1. Big deal.

The controversy started rather innocently. On Tuesday morning, I took out my daughter’s pink VAIO laptop, which I will soon post for sale on Craiglist. She has returned to using her MacBook purchased on launch day, May 16, 2006. I upgraded the memory to 2GB and swapped the 60GB hard drive for a 250GB replacement, purchased from Mac specialist Crywolf. She’s fed up with Windows Vista, and I’m close to the same emotional state.