Links with Laughter

Some folks feel a little blue around the holidays. If that’s you (and even if it’s not), here are some links with laughter:

Engrish. A long-time friend from Fredericksburg, Va., today recommended this site of Japanese mistakes of English.

Lazy Sunday“. Last week’s rappin’ “Saturday Night Live” video, free from iTunes. 

Doggy Poo“. If made in America, this would be a “Saturday Night Live” parody video. But in South Korea, it’s the real deal.

Visual Studio Team System. More from South Korea; Microsoft employees rap for, uh, developer tools. Lyrics.

Bunnies Theatre. Angry Alien Productions uses bunnies to recap movies in 30 seconds.

Photo Credit: Chris Metcalf

Editor’s Note, Oct. 28, 2014: The links are dead but two, the first and last. Replaced from new sources.