Whew, a Breather

I am on vacation this week—well, mostly—and have used some of the time to play with a few my tech toys. It’s a relief to actually enjoy some of the technology available to me. The tech toying means more time with the Canon EOS 20D and real chance to tinker with this blogsite. I also plan to overhaul the look of my blogsite, hopefully over the next month (fingers crossed).

Back in 1996, I bought some great Image Club clipart that I used for my first website. I still have the original floppy disks, but no floppy drive to use them, assuming the installer would even load under Windows XP (installer doesn’t work on Macs). I recall backing up the lot of images to CD ages ago. If so, extracted artwork available for the blogsite redesign (fingers crossed, again). 

Today, someone asked why I blog. One simple reason: I find blogging to be therapeutic and to be a great creative outlet. Here, on my personal blogsite, I tend to post about topics not topically appropriate for my two work blogs or for topics that I would consider to be too controversial.

Good example: My right-on prediction about Apple’s recent “One More Thing” announcement. Of course, in retrospect, I really wish I’d taken the chance and posted on my higher-trafficked work blog. But I reasoned it would be better to be wrong here than there.

Since August, I’ve blogged here nearly daily, a practice I plan to continue. The more I blog, the more I find to blog about, which hopefully (one last fingers crossed) will make the posts all-the-more varied and interesting.

Oh, and the accompanying graphic is from Image Club.