There’s Still Time

Tomorrow work resumes for lots of folks, following the great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa holiday. I blew off a bunch of vacation days during the holiday so that I wouldn’t lose them. Turns out, I needed the time off, and more. No doubt, other folks could say the same.

It’s 2006, but I’m living in the past. My calendar says December 2005 because I have yet to find a replacement. New calendars will be gone soon, now typically discounted to 50 percent. For years, I bought the Hansen Planetarium “Wonders of the Universe” calendar, but it stopped publication couple years back. Before the Web really took off, I subscribed by U.S. mail to the planetarium’s “Sky Watch” newsletter. I have yet to find a good replacement for “Wonders of the Universe.” Someone gave me the 2005 calendar that’s still on my wall, of Canadian provinces, in English and French. 

My 2006 resolutions remain a work in progress. I made a last-minute decision to change computers, a process that typically disorients me for at least a few days. In this case, I return to Windows and moved to a high-resolution laptop display (1900 x 1200), so that I can test Windows Vista and Office 12. Alienware kindly provided a loaner PC for my testing. I’m by no means abandoning the Mac, just putting it aside for a time, at least during work hours. We still have three Macs in the household.

I may share more about my goals over the next few days. If you haven’t thought about the new year ahead and doing something really different, there’s still time. Change is good. One reason I switched computers was to shake things up, to bring on some change and to shatter my routine. It’s an approach I highly recommend.

Photo Credit: Jeff Hitchcock