IM Art

My 11-year old daughter loves to doodle, and since getting back on Windows XP she will doodle in Windows Live Messenger and send her art as instant messages to me. It’s her way of interacting with dad when he’s working late, as I did tonight. Probably she wants to make some point about working late, too.

Last night she doodled a bunch of pics in sequence that looked like moving animation when scrolling the IM window. Sadly, I found tonight that Windows Live Messenger will archive text, but not drawings. So yesterday’s doodles are gone. Sigh.

I decided to keep tonight’s batch, but how? The process was much easier than I expected. I found that I could drag any of the drawn IMs into OneNote 12. From there, the art could be saved in several formats, including PDF. I have to say that when Microsoft software performs magic, the results are spectacular.

Excerpted here are some of tonight’s doodles, all drawn using a mouse. My daughter more typically uses a Wacom tablet, but not for this batch of doodles.

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