Too Warm in a Cold Place

Uh-oh. National Geographic warns of unusual warming over Antarctica, that “cannot be explained by the climate models scientists use to predict the effects of global warming from increased greenhouse gases”. Yikes!

Some people might contend the unexpected “temperature spike, which is three times larger than the global average”, is sure sign of global warming. Not me. I think it’s another proof point the global warming models are meaningless. The spike occurs in an area 5 kilometers above the surface, and scientists “are now trying to understand why the atmosphere warming is disconnected from surface temperatures”. 

I may sound like a curmudgeon, plainly speaking my mind: No respectable scientist would ever support global warming theory. There is no proof. Sure, some would-be psychics with PhDs use computer models to demonstrate the earth is disastrously warming. No disrespect, but computer models can’t even accurately forecast weather for a week ahead. Yet somehow, in some magical performance fit for Harry Potter, computer models can forecast the weather 100 or 200 years from now? Oh, PLEASE! Get a life.

I’m a Maine boy. My state had the first bottle bill and is largely open forest. I’m a big supporter of protecting the environment, even radically so. I’m opposed to reducing emissions, because I say eliminate them altogether. But it’s non sequitur for nature loving to mean the earth is warming. Yet that is a common position: If you support protecting the environment you must accept global warming is occurring. Right, and the doorbell rings because nobody is there.

I’m not convinced there is provable global warming, or, if there is change, that we have the science to understand it. The earth is a complex organism that has survived more trauma than we can inflict in a couple centuries of hard polluting. Other, unforeseen factors can affect weather. The 1815 eruption of Tambora, spewed enough volcanic ash into the atmosphere that the temperature perceptibly dropped worldwide, leading to the “Year without Summer”. Back home in Maine, snow fell during summer months and some wells remained frozen throughout the whole year. The one catastrophic event immediately affected worldwide weather.

Of course, we shouldn’t pollute the earth. The environment is our responsibility as long as human beings inhabit this big, blue globe. But I see taking responsibility to be a given. Theoretical global warming shouldn’t be a reason for being environmentally responsible. We may yet determine the that the earth is warming. But I expect our understanding of “why” will dramatically change as scientific capabilities improve.

As for warming over Antarctica, I’m concerned. But I’d worry more if penguins could fly.

Photo Credit: Christopher Michel