Who’s the Fool?

My Windows Media Center PC pulled a nice April Fool’s Joke: All shows scheduled to record today disappeared, and I couldn’t restore scheduled recordings. So, my daughter missed her favorite Fox and WB kids shows. I’m suspicious the glitch relates to Daylight Savings Time, which is about a month early this year. Of course, I’m assuming Microsoft issued an update. If not, loads of people will have the wrong time tomorrow.

My buddy down the street had no April Fool’s recording problems with his Media Center. But he got bonked another way. He clicked on a “buy” button at retailer Woot, which caused the mouse cursor to disappear. And not just in Internet Explorer, but the whole computer. In the end, he had to reboot. Eh, nice going there with Windows security. Isn’t Windows XP Service Pack 2 supposed to prevent system-wide tinkering, even if just a prank?