Mundo Secreto



Americans really are musically deprived. Even I’ll admit that Katy Perry’s smash hit “California Gurls” is a catchy tune, but there’s better music pretty much everywhere else. We just don’t get to hear it much. Mundo Secreto’s “PÕE A MÃO NO AR” is one example. I discovered the song while watching music videos on the now, sadly defunct International Music Feed. I loved the video channel and chose my cable/IPTV provider based on IMF’s availablity.

Universal Music launched the channel in 2005, offering up music videos from around the world and from other labels. In January 2008, Universal sold IMF to Ovation, which shut down the music video channel over the next two months. I watched IMF for the last time in late March 2008, unaware that it would be gone on April’s Fool Day. Some joke.

In researching this post, I see that Ovation has a YouTube channel and other interesting content; there’s an international bent that appeals. But, damn, my TV provider, AT&T U-verse, doesn’t carry Ovation. As for Mundo Secreto, the Portuguese band has only one album, Soa O Alarme, available in the United States for digital download from Amazon or iTunes.

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