'Can Ping Be Saved?' is the Wrong Question

Apple’s social music discovery service isn’t even a week old and Fortune blogger Philip Elmer-DeWitt asks: “Can Ping be saved?” Oh yeah? One million signups in 48 hours is such a failure. There are thousands of CEOs or product line managers who would say: “Gimme that problem. I’ll suffer through the failure of gaining 1 million customers in just two days.”

Philip sees things differently. “That’s not necessarily a good thing, given how many of those people are complaining—loudly and with pretty good reason—about Ping’s shortcomings.” Blah. Blah. Blah. It’s just an excuse to write another lazy-ass Top 10 list. I’m sick of them—and, yes, guilty of writing them, too. No longer. I place a personal moratorium on Top 10 lists.

Editor’s Note: Apple closed down Ping about two years later. So what do I know?

Photo Credit: Jennifer

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