Chromebook Matters

My fourth ebook, Chromebook Matters, published over the holiday, and this one is available from Kindle Store, Google Play, and Smashwords. I’m done with Amazon exclusives.

Chromebook Matters is not a how-to book. It’s all “why” and “what”—why Chromebook matters and what it can do for you. I write an introduction for anyone—businesses, consumers, government agencies, or schools—considering buying Chromebook. I also address anti-Chromebook propaganda. Some claims are valid. Most are not.

Additionally, the book explains Chromebook’s appeal, and why Chrome OS succeeds where other upstart operating systems failed against Windows.

While Chromebook Matters is a labor of love—I am a long-time Chromebook user and supporter, after all—it is love recognizing faults. The book identifies benefits, and who will get the most from them, but also explains who shouldn’t join the revolution. At least for now. I do describe Chromebook as a revolution.

The book is $1.99 from Google Play and Smashwords. The price is deliberate, being one-percent of Chromebook’s typical lowest-selling price, and allows me to make a little money while hopefully reaching a wider audience. The point isn’t personal profit, although I do need to earn, but realistically to evangelize the platform.

Confession: I didn’t create the cover completely in the cloud, although I could have. The photo is one I took of HP Chromebook 11. I used Alien Skin Snap Art 4, which I am testing to review on a Mac, to give the painted impression; there are web apps that can do this kind of thing. I finished the design using Amazon’s Kindle Cover Creator.

Review copies are available, on request. If you’re a journalist writing about Chromebook—and you should be heading into Consumer Electronics Show—I am available to offer industry perspective and context.