What's Behind the 'Wall Street Journal' Paywall?

The other day, I investigated current Wall Street Journal subscription pricing, as part of broader research about paywalls. The Journal still charges more than I want to pay but I am relieved to find one price for online, smartphone, and tablet.

People consume information contextually, so paid content should be available wherever they want to get it. What follows is my chat with a Journal sales rep, with full pricing.

Joe: I have a question about subscription rates. Regular, not discounted, starting with digital.
Rep: Hi, Joe. Our Lead Offer for the Digital Only subscription is $12 for the first 12 weeks.
Rep: And $22.99 a month thereafter.
Joe: That includes website, smartphone and tablet?
Katherine: Yes, Joe.
Joe: What about paper delivery, which I assume includes digital. For Manhattan and San Diego.
Joe: Regular, no discounts
Rep: It would be $12 for the first 12 weeks and $26.99 a month thereafter.
Rep: It includes Digital Access too.
Joe: So just a little more for the paper, too.
Joe: That’s for both locations?
Rep: Yes. The difference is $4.
Joe: Are these quotes paid per month or annually?
Rep: You can have the paper delivered from Monday to Friday to a different location and Saturday for another location.
Joe: very convenient
Rep: It is a monthly subscription after the promotional rate of $12. For annual payments, it would be $254.91 for the Print and Digital.
Joe: And annual for digital alone?
Rep: It would be $218.91.

Photo Credit: 401K 2102