I Gave up TV for This

On Tuesday we sold our TV, streaming boxes (Roku 3 and Apple TV), and Blu-ray player to a couple of law students (he wants to prosecute criminals and she protect kids). They don’t have cable TV service, just Internet, so the setup is just ideal.

Yesterday I went from being a Craigslist seller to a buyer, using the Tellie bounty to buy a Korg Concert 4000. I don’t play but will learn (this time). We once owned the Korg SP-250, a much newer and more sophisticated model, to a missionary family. A daughter died in Indonesia, and they were returning after nearly two years stateside. 

I didn’t learn to play piano then but will now (no TV distraction will be big help). The piano’s condition is quite good considering its vintage, which I would guess from a Korg service center reference sheet in the seat to be during the 1990s. Internet searches revealed little info before my purchase.

The family selling the Concert 4000 is downsizing. The gentleman says he has lived in the same house for 28 years, as a renter. One family has owned the same property, with four other homes, for 98 years. But they got an offer too good to pass up. A developer will soon level the homes and put up two apartment buildings.