My First Nexus 6 Photo

Happy Caturday! Neko is the subject of the first photo shot using my new Nexus 6—last night around 6:30 pm. The room wasn’t well-illuminated, being dark outside, but an IKEA floor lamp did cast some light upon him. I wondered how good a shooter the smartphone could be, given its large size and Moto X’s so-so camera.

The photo was quickly taken and it’s arguably not the best composition. But in auto-mode, using the Google Camera app, Nexus 6 responded quickly—and the photo looks like what my eye saw. Vitals: f/2, ISO 314, 1/30 sec, 3.82mm. 

My wife, Anne, shot the second Neko pic this morning using the Droid Turbo. Motorola makes both phones. Hers is 21 megapixels and mine 13MP. The Nexus 6 is faster, but do I detect some hesitation compared to Galaxy Nexus and N5? The Turbo unquestionably hesitates, and its white balance or focus sometimes misses terribly.

In the second photo, Neko’s head is blurred from motion; he looked up as Anne snapped the pic. Otherwise, color, focus, and white balance are what the eye sees.

Neko's Valentine

On both cameras, Google’s cloud backup far exceeds Apple’s. We both migrated from iPhone 6, which consistently lagged, and sometimes failed, to sync photos to iCloud. Ha! Even on iOS, Google’s photo sync is faster and more reliable.

My Q: Who needs iphoneography?