Say, Hello, Sammy

Happy Caturday! For months, I have wanted to introduce you to the kitty who resides at local Mac dealer DC Computers. But Saturday comes, I forget, and is gone. Finally, I remember, while the sun still shines brightly overhead and Modest Mouse blasts form Chromebook Pixel LS. Mmmm, cat and Mouse (song “The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box“, BTW).

Sammy is about four years old, and she amazes me for her territorial confinement. During hot summer days, DC Computers cracks wide the doors and circulates the breeze blowing from the ocean, just 9 kilometers away. Sammy may sit inside, nose held up sniffing the air, but she doesn’t cross the threshold into the bustling parking lot. She never ventures outside.

Any time I go to the store, I ask about Sammy, who often lulls in the main retail area, but she also lounges out of sight in the employees-only backroom. Evenings, and all day Sundays, Sammy has run of the shop. Mmm, I’ve never thought to look in on her at night. Maybe I should. Just a peek in the windows!

As for DC Computers, I have purchased two MacBooks there, an 11.6-inch AIr and 13.3-inch Pro with Retina Display. The shop also replaced hard drives in two other laptops, but neither repair was recent.

I don’t know details of the arrangement, but the computers come from businesses and are refurbished. The dealer then resells them, with original or extend ApplaCare warranty (if not expired). I was immensely satisfied with both laptops, which were my only-ever reasonably-priced Mac purchases.

I normally wouldn’t recommend or buy this kind of refurb, but the DC Computers staff refreshes the ;laptops well and loads them up with all the productivity software and security tools most any buyer should want—particularly for school or work, and the small business. Who better to understand the needs of a small business, than another?