Nexus 6 Returns

Contemplation turns to action. I had been looking for Nexus 6 to test Google’s Project Fi. My sister bought my phablet two months ago, when I got iPhone 6 Plus to test iOS 9, but N6 is the only device currently supported on the cellular service.

Last night, I oogled at Nexus 6 for $499.99 on Amazon, which already was a hefty discount. This AM, I rolled out of bed to see $349.99. Both prices are for the 32GB model. Double the memory and pay $399.99. Yesterday: $549.99. Surely the price and supply can’t last. That’s helluva good deal—and for both colors: Cloud White and Midnight Blue. What the hell. I ordered the bigger capacity dark one for free same-day delivery. 

Is the hefty discount because of the presumed, imminent launch of Apple’s successor to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? Are rumors about Google launching new Nexus devices near month’s end true—and it’s better to clear out excess inventory now? Or is Amazon being Labor Day Weekend Amazon?

The official prices for both phones: $649 (32GB) and $699 (64GB). But Google and Motorola have been running sales comparable to Amazon’s pricing yesterday: $150 off. Today, that’s doubled to $300. Over at Verizon, Nexus 6 is $648 paid up front or interest-free installments over 24 months. Supporting the inventory-clearing idea, I can’t find new N6 at T-Mobile—just the preowned 32 gigger for $499.99.

I don’t normally link to retailers but this one warrants exception for Labor Day shoppers:

The phablet is unlocked in both colors and works with any U.S. carrier.