My Apple Music Swan Song

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Look what email greeted when I rolled out of bed and in front of the computer this AM (Pacific Time). Apple Music wants my business. That’s not happening. After signing up for the three-month trial, which ends September 30, I returned to using Chromebook Pixel LS and Nexus 6. The streaming service supports neither device, so, yes, I turned off autorenewal.

This brief post is a reminder to you to do likewise, if having signed up you’re not planning to keep the service. Apple Music turns on autorenew by default, so if you want out, don’t wait. Opt out now. On the other hand, if you enjoy the service, do nothing and listen. You’re covered. 

Among all the services I have used, Apple Music offers the best—superior, really—music curation and discovery. Google Music can’t compare; I mention that one because of a six-month free trial given for buying the Chromebook. That one expires next month. Apple Music’s catalog is expansive, too. Tracks I can never find on Tidal are available from the fruity logo. Yum.

As expressed in a June analysis, I don’t doubt that Apple Music will succeed, and the service marks the true start of the Tim Cook era running the company cofounded by Steve Jobs. Cook may be high on Apple Watch Kool-Aid, but the streaming service is more likely to win the masses and, despite some use interface oddities, packs punch.

But I’m out until there is broader platform support, and the web browser would be enough. Meanwhile, eh, SoundCloud anyone?

Editor’s Note: A version of this story appears on BetaNews.

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