If T-Mobile is the Tortoise, Verizon is the Hare

Should I file this under “You get what you pay for?” Last year, my family switched from Verizon to T-Mobile, to save money and to get more benefits—like bigger buckets of data. But quantity doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. Using the meal metaphor, you can get a bigger helping or get smaller portion of better-tasting food.

If you look at the Featured Image, what I mean will make sense. This week, quite unexpectedly, Verizon PR sent me a goodie package containing Moto Z Force Droid Edition, which—wow, wow—makes a damn good out-of-box first impression. The setup procedure didn’t prompt for WiFi, as I expected. relying solely on 4G LTE. Curious, I opened the browser to Netflix’s Fast.com and conducted some speed tests. You can see the shocking difference between the two services, both showing LTE network connections. Throughput like that makes me want to rush back to Verizon.

The Droid is something else, too. It’s refreshing to see some meaningful innovation, or attempts at it, in smartphone design. The Moto Mods concept has my interest, and the handset is gorgeous. I will have more to say about Moro Z Force—and a review—in the near future.